Essays in Dublin Review of Books are available online from its website, and links to them are provided from this page. Material published in Irish Pages and Studies is made available digitally on JSTOR within a few years of its print publication date. Irish Times material is available from its online archives. Articles published in RTE Brainstorm are available from the RTE Brainstorm website.

Academic Related
  • ‘Remain or Leave: Is Brexit a case of emotions over reason?’, RTE Brainstorm website,  27/02/2019
  • ‘What would Sartre have Made of Donald Trump and Nigel Farage?’, RTE Brainstorm website, 19/12/2018
  • ‘Have you a Duty to Care for Others?’ Responses for Joe Humphreys’s Article, Irish Times 13/06/2014 in the series ‘Unthinkable: Great Ideas for now’. Republished in Humphreys, Joe, Unthinkable: Great ideas for now (2015) Irish Times Books
  • Ethics for Social Care in Ireland: Philosophy & Practice (Second Edition 2014) Gill & Macmillan
  • ‘Abuse of Children in Institutional Care in 20th Century Ireland: An Analysis Using Fromm’s Psychology’ (2012), The Journal  of Social Work  Practice Vol. 26 No. 3
  • ‘Educating for Values: Philosophy and Religion’ (2008), Studies, An Irish Quarterly Review, Summer Vol. 97 No. 386 ‘educating ourselves’
  • ‘Moral Evaluation of Cultural Differences’ (2007), European Journal of Social Education 12/13
  • Ethics for Social Care in Ireland: Philosophy & Practice (First Edition 2007), Gill & Macmillan
  • ‘Mysticism and Language in Merleau-Ponty’ (1975) Philosophical Studies (Vol. XXIV)

 Review Essays and Reviews

 Short Fiction
  • ‘Standing Stone’ (2014) Irish Pages Vol.8 No. 1 Inheritance
  • ‘Late Arrival in Athens’ (2009) Irish Pages Vol. 5 No.1 Language and Languages
  • ‘Confessions of an Old Man: George Moore and the Limitations of Narrative Identity’ (2007) Irish Pages Vol. 4 No. 1 The Media