Links to Relevant Sites

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UCD Centre for Ethics in Public Life

Royal Institute of Philosophy

Philosophy Ireland

Ethics Institute Ireland

Michael Sandel on Justice

Ethics Updates 

(Provides lots of material on ethical theory as well as on many issues  in applied ethics)

‘Unthinkable’. Follow Joe Humphrey’s interview on Thursdays in The Irish Times with an academic or writer on a particular issue in philosophy

Philosophy Now: A Magazine of Ideas

(Contains articles on many different aspects of philosophy, including ethics. Some articles are freely available from the site)

Social Justice Ireland

(Provides information, analysis and conducts research on social justice issues in Ireland with the aim of influencing policy makers, public opinion and government to realise a just society in practice)

Ethics Resources on the Web from Ethics in Practice An Anthology 4th ed.  (Provides links to lots of philosophy sources, including ethical philosophy) 

Internet Encyclopaedia of Philosophy

Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy